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Nearly half of all auto transport miles are logged with empty trailers.

convertible concepts trailer mixed load hi-mount
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8 billion litres of fuel are wasted each year in the automotive transport industry sector.

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The auto industry loses $100 billion every year on inefficient transport.

convertible concepts trailer autoload hi-mount
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We have the solution.

convertible concepts trailer mixed load stinger

Make the Most of Every Mile.

How many trucks are on the road right now without a load to deliver? How much fuel is being wasted? Added wear and tear? Lost drive time? Unrecovered costs?

Reclaim those lost miles — and lost revenue — with Convertible Concepts Corporation’s suite of adaptive solutions. Convertible Trailers easily transform from auto carriers to cargo trailers. The AutoBox: Stackable, collapsible, durable intermodal mini-containers to accommodate every kind of freight. And Convertible Logistics to coordinate backhaul trips and minimize empty miles.

Convertible Concepts Hi-Mount Trailer AutoBox Top view

Convert It.

Eliminate empty backhauls! Our regionally customized CTM Convertible Trailer transforms from an auto carrier into a fully functional flat deck trailer in minutes.

Contain It.

Diversify your backhaul freight capabilities. The AutoBox is a new world standard-sized, collapsible, dry, intermodal, stackable, trackable, lineside ready, mini-container.

Control It.

The missing piece of the logistics puzzle is here. Let Convertible Logistics and our CLIC tool plan, organize and execute all your backhaul trips.

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