Stack It.


Collapse It.


Contain It.

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Stack It.

Collapse It.

Contain It.

The AutoBox

Diversify the freight options for your backhaul using our patented AutoBox — a leading-edge, world-standard, dry, collapsible, stackable, trackable, intermodal mini-container designed to carry virtually any kind of freight.


The AutoBox is a completely watertight shipping and storage container, that allows you to transport a variety of different goods in all weather conditions.


With a 4:1 collapse ratio, AutoBox makes an effective, adaptable and efficient shipping solution.


The AutoBox can be stacked in multiple configurations to maximize your load factor. 20 AutoBoxes = 1 x 40′ container.


The AutoBox can be shipped on standard auto carriers and regular container systems across road, rail, ocean and air.


The AutoBox is made to handle a wide variety of cargo. With world-standard dimensions, it can accommodate two standard pallets in any region, globally.


The AutoBox is fully trackable with radio frequency identification (RFID). You can rest easy knowing the location of every shipment at all times.


No more wait times for destuffing of full-size shipping containers. The AutoBox can be moved straight from the truck and into a plant or warehouse for immediate use.

Features & Benefits

  • Collapsible Ratio 4:1
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • Interlocking Design
  • Corner Castor Capability
  • Forklift From Any Side
  • Stackable 3 High Statically / 2 High Dynamically
  • Self Locating Corners
  • Locks to all Convertible Trailer decks
  • Top Corner Lifting Points
  • 250KG Empty / 1200KG Max Capacity
  • Each AutoBox is its own shipment therefore it can be on the move sooner
  • Lineside Ready

AutoBox + Convertible Trailer​

A Powerful Combination

Put our AutoBox to work with our Stinger or Hi-Mount Convertible Trailers. These Trailers easily transform from a conventional auto hauler to a versatile flatbed in just minutes. Haul vehicles on the outbound trip, quickly convert from an auto hauler to a flatbed, then load up with cargo in AutoBoxes for the return trip.