Convertible Logistics

Take control of your fleet.

Our Convertible Logistics solutions help you take complete control of all of your inbound and outbound trips. We find and plan the best and most efficient routes to fill your empty miles.

Through the use of our CLIC tool, we start with an analysis of auto manufacturing plants and shipping routes. This identifies imbalanced flows, which represent opportunities for transporting cargo on the backhaul. By customizing the variables and criteria, the CLIC tool can identify shipping lanes with the greatest potential for reducing or eliminating empty loads and lost revenues using our Convertible Trailer.

By partnering with a multitude of shippers and logistics providers, Convertible Logistics is able to bring long awaited transparency to the transportation industry and create new found efficiencies for all stakeholders.

Convertible Concepts Logistics Laptop
Convertible Concepts Map

Convertible Trailer + Convertible Logistics

Take control of your business

Unlock the full potential with the use of our Convertible Trailer and Convertible Logistics working for you. Let the CLIC tool analyze your opportunities to fill your empty miles and go from Turn and Burn to Turn and Earn!